14 Year-Old to Attend Spelman College

Sydney Wilson will become the youngest student ever to attend the all girls college in Atlanta. Sydney has always been a bright girl, attending high school at age 10. She was solving algebraic expressions at the same age as reported by News 3 in Memphis. She was actually accepted into the college at the age of 13, as she turned 14 just days before her high school graduation on May 15.

Ironically, Wilson attends the Wilson Academy in Stonecrest, Georgia, which a year-round private school.  It would only be right that she went to a school her dad founded in 2002. The school has been recognized as one of Dekalb County’s best private schools, offering a great curriculum and an up-to-date approach to educating students.

Ever since she was 8 years old, Sydney has the dream of attending Spelman. She had no other college choice, it was Spelman or nothing. Sydney was a straight A student in AP and college prep classes all throughout high school, making the case to attend Spelman that much easier. adding to her list of early life accomplishments, Sydney was the lead programmer for her school’s robotics team, served as the president for the rotary club, and participated in track and soccer.

Her dad said, “Sydney is thrilled to be attending such a storied HBCU, and that it is one of the top colleges in the country." Her major will be biology, hoping to learn invaluable experience with the partnership Spelman has with Morehouse's School of Medicine.

Image Source: @GAFollowers via Twitter

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