6-Yr Old Boy Donates Savings for Disney Birthday Trip to Hurricane Dorian Victims Receives Surprise

After Labor Day, most students in the second graders began school there was one kid in South Carolina that had a different to-do-list task. He was figuring out ways to help his people.

Jermaine Bell, a 6-year old boy chose to give up his dream of going to Disney World for his birthday and use the money he saved to help those who evacuated due to Hurricane Dorian. He thought the money he saved to go to Disney World would be better suited to help those who needed it the most.

Over the the last two weeks, the media has covered the damages and impact Hurricane Dorian has caused and little ole Jermaine is just wanting to do his part and pitch in where he can. Hurricane Dorian has tormented residents of the Bahamas and also caused evacuations in Florida that were mandatory and the State of Georgia issued a State of Emergency due to the impact of Dorian.

Over the last several days, Jermaine has been handing out free hotdogs, water, and snacks to people in South Carolina that evacuated to the area on a highway in Allendale, SC. He said, “The people that are traveling to go to other places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they're going to stay at.” His grandmother said Jermaine even has prayed with worried families along their journeys to escape the storm.

Jermaine stilled planed to celebrate his birthday in Disney World, but knew his actual birthday was not an option since he began to spend his funds on the goods he was passing out to the evacuees. On Sunday, he turned 7 and while he thought he wouldn't have a Disney birthday this year, Disney and Good Morning America (GMA) had other plans.

On his birthday, Jermaine was in the house doing an interview with GMA when other staffers from the show were outside his house setting up a "magical moment" for the birthday boy. Jermaine said he was "super happy" when he came around the corner with the lady. He said, "when Mickey came out I was really happy." After hugging Mickey, a GMA representative stated they want him to come enjoy a getaway at the end of the month as a gift to him for his act of kindness.

Jermaine closed out his interview and said, "Be strong and when you do you will be rewarded." To see the video of Jermaine being surprised, click here.

Good job Jermaine!!! Your story is an inspiration to all, young and old.

Image Source: Disney Cruise Line Blog

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