8 Year Old Barber Gives Free Haircuts

Neijae Graham-Henries of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is helping her community stay fresh one hair cut at a time. She gives haircuts to people in need because she says, “I want to help people in need and its right to do that”. Neijae made the decision to attend barbering school after her older brother dropped out. Her mom didn’t initially want to put her in barbering school is because she thought she liked “girl-stuff”, but upon seeing pictures of her brother’s barbering orientation, Graham-Henries knew exactly what she wanted to do. She told her mom. “I can do anything I want to do so I will give it a try”, powerful words from an 8 year old.

She graduated from the Junior Barber Academy and was the youngest student in the academy as well as the only girl. Neijae said everyone treated her like a queen and nobody seemed intimidated by her. She started off giving free haircuts to kids in her neighborhood and then began to offer free haircuts to homeless people. She is a very confident young lady and after a client gets out of her chair, she asks them to let her admire her work. The person she wants to cut the most is LeBron James because he is the most famous basketball player. It is her dream to cut his hair. She joked, “I would cut his and when I’m done I’m gone be like it costs $10,000”, but would really charge him $10. Neijae plans to become a professional barber one day in the near future.

Photo Source: @NowThisNews

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