Ava Duvernay Kicks Off Film Series in New Theatre

Today, Ava Duvernay is starting her fall film series entitled, ARRAY 360. ARRAY Alliance, DuVernay’s film collective, is starting a 6 week film series to commemorate the completion of its new state of the art theater on ARRAY’s Los Angeles campus.

In a statement about ARRAY 360, DuVernay said, “As a model, ARRAY does steep itself in inclusion models to correct long-held absences. We believe in balance from the beginning. Our ARRAY Creative Campus was built with this belonging in mind from the first day and ARRAY 360 is a reflection of our mantra that everyone has a place in true cinema.”

The series will take place at the brand new Amanda Theater, which is housed on the ARRAY Alliance campus in Filipinotown, Los Angeles. The series will showcase up and coming artists and award-winning filmmakers. ARRAY 360 seeks to point out the amazing and outstanding work of well-known women in the film industry such as actress and director Mati Diop, Barbara Loden, French film director, writer, and editor Agnès Varda, and Euzhan Palcy.

“In addition to paying tribute to exquisite filmmakers, some of whose work has gone underappreciated, our ARRAY 360 series strives to connect with audiences that don’t always see themselves reflected on screen. Our mission is to amplify varied voices and visions, to prioritize them and to center them”, said Mercedes Cooper, Director of Programming and ARRAY 360 curator.

ARRAY 360 will run through November 2nd. Admission is free and open to the public once people register online.

Image Source: Variety

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