Bad Boys For Life!!!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

In the much anticipated third installment of the buddy cop comedy Bad Boys For Life, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith did not disappoint. After 18 years since Bad Boys II came to theaters (2002), we as moviegoers were questionable about the outcome of the film. However after the seeing the film, many critics and movie-fanatics alike believe this is actually the best film of the series. The Hollywood Reporter said there was a huge gap in films due to budget costs and finding the perfect plot for the film. The budget for this film was around $90 million, $40 million less than the budget for Bad Boyz II

Written by Chris Bremner, with the help of Martin and Will, the film was full of plot twists and OMG moments. In opinion, this is the best written movie of the franchise thus far. I say thus far because after a massive opening weekend of $70 million, and another $34 million in its second weekend, Sony Pictures announced a Bad Boys 4 film would soon be in the works. We can only imagine that this film will feature Will Smith as Mike Lowery and Jacob Scipio as Armando Arteas taking on some extreme crime as a father-son duo. Pretty sure Martin will reprise his role as Marcus Burnett somehow even though he is a retired grandfather.

For the fourth installment, Bremmer, Martin, and Will are set to return to write the film along with Jerry Bruckheimer as the director for the fourth time as well. Having all of those names return are good news for the franchise. Until then, we wait!

Bad Boys can potentially be the top box office earner for the third weekend in a row. Get out to the movies and see it if you haven't. If you have, go see it again.

Always remember, Bad Boys For Life!!!

Image Source: NY Times

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