Barack Obama's Statue Includes Black Girl Magic!!!

There are not many reasons to visit the state of South Dakota, but now, we have a very good reason to do so, thanks to the handy work of 64-year old artist James Van Nuys.

On Saturday, President Barack Obama's statue was revealed to an audience before it was to be added to Rapid City's City of Presidents project with a life size statue from the night he won his first election. The statue, which is bronze took over 500 hours to complete in a span of 2 years. The statue debuted on Monday to the public. This makes Van Nuys' fourth sculpted contribution to the project. He was inspired by a photo of the family that was taken when Obama was first elected as president.

The statue features Obama waving after winning the presidential race, but co-founder of City of Presidents project team said, “This is boring. This is not going to have the wow factor. A man waving is not a showstopper.”

So, to combat the boring nature of the statue, one did what anyone would do to improve the life of a Black man, add dose of Black Girl Magic. This time however, it was not by adding our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, but by depicting President Obama holding hands with his daughter, Sasha.

With adding Sasha Van Nuys said, “I did like the photo that I saw of Obama walking on the stage in his first inaugural with his daughter, and I just thought that it was a nice feel-good kind of piece."

For looking for the statue, it can be found on the corner of 4th and St. Joseph in Rapid City.

Image Source: Smithsonian Magazine

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