Black Hair the Right Way

A Black business owner has become an internet sensation for starting a hair school for White parents who have adopted Black kids. Tamekia Swint, the founder said, "I saw that this might be something where I can empower them." Styles 4 Kidz was erected after noticing the increasing trend of white parents adopting Black kids. She sees this as an opportunity to empower the parents, giving them the confidence to do their children's' hair.

The story was first reported on 60-second Docs on May 15, which has been viewed over 3.5 million times since its release. In 2010, Swint started with just 3 clients, and now works with over 500 families to date. She puts on workshops for the parents and does styling herself, with pricing ranging from $40 to $150.

She said, "I saw the need for this kind of service as more whites and other non-black families adopted black children. A big misconception a lot of blacks have about whites adopting black children is that they don't care about these kids and that's just not true."

Laura Basi, a client of Styles 4 Kidz said, "I want to learn how to care for my children's hair and this is the best place for me to learn how to do that. I live in Batavia where there's not any place I can take them for hair care. Adopting these two has been a positive experience for my family. We adopted them when they were five days old." She knows that the resources for Black hair care are scarce and is glad the organization exist. It also provides her with an opportunity to network with other parents.

Swint said of the kids receiving the hair services, "You would be amazed how much self-confidence these children gain once their hair is looking good. Seeing the smiles on their faces when we leave is a wonderful feeling."

Image Source: Styles 4 Kidz Facebook

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