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Chris Goode started a juicing business in 2014 in honor of his grandmother that passed from Type 2 diabetes at the age of 61. Ruby Jean's opened its doors as an actual restaurant in 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri, which at the time was seen as a food desert. Customers have not stopped patronizing the business since its opening.

The motto of Ruby Jean's is, “Anyone can make juice, we make juice for a reason.” Goode said in an interview, “Once I got in to juicing and health I realized that 61 was just way too young and started to switch my lifestyle and press my family to do the same. In 2014 I decided to put all I had into my passion and new found purpose.”

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Ruby Jean's is the number one juice joint in the entire state of Missouri. It also was named in Yelp's top 100 business back in 2016, in a year where almost 3 million business were ranked. Due the juicery's success, Goode was afford the opportunity to not only sale his juices in whole, but to have an actual store within a Whole Foods in Kansas City. Their newest location open within the store last month.

With the opening of the location within Whole Foods, Goode becomes the first Black person with a store inside of the grocery store chain. There are however plenty of products similar to his that are sold on the shelves in the stores. Goode describes the moment as historic. He hopes the extra attention and visibility will allow for more chances to speak about who his grandmother was and why her story should be shared to all who visit. Chris said, “We truly feel we can empower people to live healthy by way of sharing my grandmas story. I feel there’s a Ruby Jean in every family no matter who you are.”

On top of the new Whole Foods location and the first location in Kansas City, Ruby Jean's has one other Kansas City location, a licensee in Springfield, MO, and they are working on teaming with another company to have a presence in Atlanta. They were also an official partner of the U.S. Gymnastics Championship this past year. In addition to juices, the chain also offers healthy breakfast and lunch food choices.

Good stuff Chris, keep the world healthy!

Image Source: BOTWC

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