Can't Mute DC!!!

Chuck Baby gone care about this. Chuck Brown is smiling down from heaven with this news.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Go-Go is the official music of Washington, D.C. Mayor Bowser said, “Today, we are proud to say that DC’s official music will always be Go-Go, because there is no DC without Go-Go and there is no Go-Go without DC! Go-Go music is a creative force that has inspired generations of Washingtonians socially, culturally, and artistically, and this legislation will empower us to preserve and celebrate our native sound.”

The Go-Go Music of the District of Columbia Designation Act of 2019 was originally introduced by Ward 5 Council member Kenyan McDuffie and later unanimously passed by the City Council to make Go-Go the official music of Washington, DC. From this, Go-Go will be able to be archived and preserved in the city's history.

McDuffie said, “Go-Go is DC’s indigenous musical genre, and I am pleased to have championed the efforts at the Council to designate it as the official music of DC. I look forward to working with Mayor Bowser and her administration for a thorough and impactful implementation, which will bring the Go-Go community closer to the District’s already strong economy and, in doing so, make our city more equitable and prosperous for all.”

Go-Go has been playing in the streets of DC and the surrounding areas at least since the 1960's, when Chuck Brown, the godfather of Go-Go pioneered the sound that eventually got him a Grammy nomination. Go-Go entered mainstream music when Chuck Brown topped the R&B charts with Bustin Loose

Go-Go music has been gracing the streets of DC and surrounding areas since the 1960s, when Chuck Brown, the godfather of Go-Go pioneered the sound. Go-Go entered mainstream music when Chuck Brown topped the R&B charts with Bustin' Loose in 1996, Nelly sampled the same song in 2002 for his hit Hot in Here, DJ Kool's Let Me Clear my Throat, which featured Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh. Spike Lee even included "Da Butt" in his hit movie, School Daze.

A dance known as beating your feet normally accompanies the sounds of the bass drums, congos, and keyboards also went mainstream when a crew known as the Beat Ya Feet Kings competed on America's Best Dance Crew. Most commonly, DC area's own Wale constantly incorporates the Go-Go sound in his music, reminding us where he comes from.

The BET awards in 2019 even had DC area natives Taraji P. Henson and Regina Hall open the show with a set that featured Go-Go and a guest appearance from local Go-Go legend, Sugar Bear.

The sound is so important to the area, that the DC-based NBA G-league team has named their self the Capital City Go-Go, placing and emphasis on the sounds' relevance to the area.

This is a win for the culture, more specifically a win for Go-Go enthusiasts. The sounds of the bands will forever ring throughout the nation's capital.


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