Caption Me!!!

Have you ever struggled with creating the perfect caption for perfect picture? Well, these to University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) grads have come to save your day and increase your likes. Ja'Bre Jennings and Juwan Nicholson, co-founders of the app have come to save the day

Their app, is called Caption Any Photo or CAP, which is free to download in the Apple App Store. The website states it will be available in the Google Play Store very soon and has an email subscribe area to be notified. The app has an endless supply of captions for any post category. All users have to do is select the category of caption they want to use such as Vacation, #TBT, Selfies, Relationships, and you can even choose musical artists lyrics from the app. If you are on the creative end of caption creation, you can even submit your own captions to the app!!! CAP also lets users set reminders for the perfect time of day or primetime as I call it to post, giving the user optimal engagement for their posts.

The UMES grads created the app to help individuals and small businesses. Ja'Bre said, “We found that a lot of businesses were having a lack of engagement due to not knowing what to post. So what our app does is once you find the photo, we give you the quote and caption to actually let you post to social media and increase engagement."

Ja'Bre and Juwan met at UMES in 2010, where they both served in SGA, becoming ver close. Ja'Bre said they took a picture one day and it took hours to come up with a caption. From here is where the thought to create an app came from. The pair plans to expand the app to a subscription-based service for companies and brands.

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