CNN Curating an All-Black Panel Show

The Atlanta-based network is currently ramping up efforts for an all-Black panel show to appear on the network. This is in response to the positive feedback the television network received after having a crew of Black panelists appear on “New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman” during the Democratic debates last week.

This is interesting news, news the 2020 election draws closer. CNN plans to get their current contributors in April Ryan, Andrew Gillum, Angela Rye and Bakari Sellers to sign on as the show's panelists.

It has been reported that the show will start as a weekend show that would rival MSNBC’s show with Joy Reid, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Kendis Gibson.”

We are sure Trump will have his sentiments about this move by the network he constantly attacks, but for us as a people, this is a win.

Image Source: Getty Images

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