Curled Crown, Miss USA 2019

It was not long after Kaliegh Garris won Miss Teen USA 2019 in her natural that another Natural Queen stood before the nation and captured a title as well. We speculated the wearing of the natural hair to compete would become a trend, but a a winning streak, we could did not foresee. However, Cheslie Kryst showed us that not only was it a thing to wear your natural hair boldly, you can win the title doing so. At 28 years of age, Cheslie is also the oldest woman to win the crown, as reminder for all to know age ain't nothing but a number.

On Thursday night, Miss North Carolina captured the crown of Miss USA in Reno, a few days after Garris had done so on the same stage. Kryst's win marks the first time in history where Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America are all Black Women. This is a phenomenal time to be Black and to be a Woman in America. So much greatness is being displayed and televised for the masses to see, encouraging young women to be confident in who they are, knowing that the world is watching.

Cheslie is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she ran track and studied marketing and human resources. She later went on to Wake Forest to get her Law degree and MBA. Kryst is a full-time lawyer in North Carolina and has hopes of working with Kim Kardashian around prison reform. In her spare time, Miss USA contributes to a fashion blog entitled, White Collar Glam, as a workwear fashion blogger. We are extremely proud of the newly crowned Miss USA and all of he natural glory.

Image Source: @chesliekryst on Instagram

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