Curry Conference Championship

Last night, Steph and Seth made NBA history as the first set of brothers to compete against each other in a Conference Championship game. Steph, of the Golden State Warriors and Seth, of the Portland Trailblazers took the court last night, competing for their teams for a spot in the NBA Championship. Steph Warriors came out victorious on their home floor, winning the contest, 116-94. Steph outplayed the younger Seth, scoring 36 points, adding in 7 assists and 6 rebounds in 35 minutes of game play. Seth score 3 points off the bench with 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 19 minutes of play.

With any sibling rivalry, the family has a tough choice on sides to take. Dell Curry, the dad of the brothers who played in the NBA wore a split jersey after saying, "that's too easy". His jersey had the front of Steph's jersey and the back of Seth's jersey. Their mom, Sonya, stayed true to their coin-flip method and wore Seth's Portland jersey. Their sister, Sydel is engaged to Steph's teammate, Damian Lee, so we already know which team she is rooting for, even if it is quietly.

As Steph's Warriors take a 1-0 advantage over Seth's Trailblazers in a 7 game series, we can only imagine the sibling trash talk will be at an all-time high. When is the last time siblings had to play at least 4 games in a row against each other??? I am sure the dinners will be full of recaps and memories for years to come. I hope we can look forward to more of the brothers guarding each other throughout the series, as we saw yesterday for the times they were on the floor together.

Image Source: NBC Sports

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