Damon Wayans is Coming Back to TV and to do Stand-Up

Damon Wayans is making a return to our tvs. Wayans is set to star in a show on ABC 14 years after the hit series My Wife and Kids ended on the same network. He is returning with the help of Don Reo, who was a co-creator on My Wife and Kids with him.

The new series is being titled, Let's Stay Together which is centered around a single dad that finds out it's difficult to "get rid of millennial kids, and their kids.” The show is still in development, and Wayans is writing the show along with the help of Reo. The series is based on Wayans' life, which we are sure many parents will be able to relate to.

On top of Let's Stay Together, Wayans is returning to the stage to make a comedy comeback. The comedian wants to return to doing stand-up comedy as well. With his return, he will be added to a list of comedians that are planning or are in the process of making comebacks such as Eddie Murphy, Deon Cole, Dave Chappelle, and Arsenio Hall to name a few. Wayans was hesitant on making a comeback because of the fear of being canceled in the climate of the "cancel culture" we live in now.

However, the 58-year old has found inspiration from Dave Chappelle. Chappelle continues to release more controversial and more conversation starting material as the years goes on. He has not been canceled yet and was awarded a fat contract from Netflix. Damon just wants to return to doing what he loves.

We support you, Damon. Keep making us laugh.

Image Source: Improv

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