DC Natives Wale, Ari Lennox Propose the Idea for an HBCU Concert Tour

A lot of artists gain notoriety and popularity once they begin touring at college campuses during homecoming and spring fest seasons. They perform at college campuses once they have just released and album or about to drop one. Ari Lennox, Dreamville's first lady went on an HBCU homecoming circuit performing hits from her Shea Butter Baby hit album, which is arguably the R&B album of the year.

After touring at HBCUs, the artist realized performing at Black institutions was LIT. Once she finished performing at Grambling, the 26 year old took to Twitter to say, "Grambling was too lit" followed by the emoji with the heart eyes. A couple minutes later she said on the platform, "Southern University was so f*cking fire. I only want to perform for yall for the rest of my life." She closed her Twitter storm by saying, "If 90% of my shows were at HBCUs I’d be so damn happy. Ain’t nothing in the world like it. Energy too beautiful. Black people too damn beautiful. Omg an HBCU tour would be phenomenal." According to the Department of Education, there are 107 HBCUs; 56 private schools and 51 public. Getting this tour to happen would be historic and also a large draw to HBCUs around the nation.

Another artist named CAPE caught wind of her Twitter expressions and said he wants to perform at his alma mater, North Carolina A&T once he finishes up his EP. Wale, a veteran in the rap game and a supporter of all things black echoed the conversation and said, "Sign me up too." Following this, he replied to a student at Alcorn State University with, It’s easy to make it happen . Y’all just bring all the real ones out m we goin crazy. This so heart warming .. I real live wAnna route a HBCU run ..this album makes the most sense to do it sue me, Debbie ,love... BGM etc .. have greeks perform .. school acts open ...big and small HBCUs."

I hope they make this happen. My love for HBCUs is beyond this world. With Wale and Ari Lennox headlining and leading this venture, two of the Blackest supporters we know, I am sure this would a success and can most certainly get others involved in this as well.

Image Source: Zimbio

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