Delta Sigma Theta Doctor is Killing Cancer

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has become the FIRST doctor to successfully cure cancer in mice using laser-activated nanoparticles. Her path to greatness could be seen by all, as she was the second African American woman to earn her Ph. D in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She also received her master's degree from UAB as well in physics. Dr. Green is an HBCU alum, graduating from Alabama A&M University with her bachelors degree in physics and optics.

Dr. Green's method was very successful in testing mice, with the cancer being undetectable in 15 days. The mice needed no surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation after the laser treatment.

Dr. Green became interested in curing cancer when she watched her aunt, Ora Lee pass from cancer. She also witnessed her uncle who was diagnosed with cancer suffer from negative side effects from chemotherapy.

Dr. Green founded the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation in memory of her aunt. The center has a goal to fight cancer by using laser-activated nanoparticles. The foundation has a mission to make cancer treatment accessible, affordable, and effective.

Dr. green has received a grant in the amount of $1.1 million to further her laser nanoparticle research.

Family, we must protect Dr. Green at ALL COSTS!!! She is a pioneer and is actively working to change the WORLD. She is in fact, a living legend.

Image Source: NBC News

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