Doing the Right Thing... 30 Years Later

30 years later, Spike Lee is still doing the right thing. Ironically, June 30th will mark 30 years since the filmmaker created Do the Right Thing. Released in 1989, this Spike Lee joint received Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress. Among professionals and nonprofessionals, this movie is always spoken as one of the greatest ever. The movie was selected in its first year of eligibility to be preserved by the Library of Congress.

With it being 30 years, this film deserves special recognition! The movie will be screened in theatres to honor its legacy. Since it was originally released in 1989, technology was a little different, so the new screening will show the advances, being restored to 4K resolution. For those who still want to see the original picture on 35mm film, that version will be shown as well in select theatre in New York, LA, Austin, Chicago, and Brookline, MA.

The film will be available for one week and following, there will also be a subsequent Blu-ray/DVD release with 4K restoration on sale July 23.

Universal's President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution said, Jim Orr“When Spike Lee’s revolutionary Do the Right Thing was released by Universal Pictures 30 years ago this June, it ignited a national conversation on race and race relations in America that challenged our assumptions about ourselves and our country and heralded the arrival of a generation-defining filmmaker.”

Lee's relationship with the studio runs deep! He shot Inside Man, Crooklyn, Jungle Fever, and Mo Betta Blues with the studio. More recently, his Academy Award winning Best Adapted Screenplay was also shot with NBCUniversal. It is only right the company honors a talent such as Spike Lee.

Orr said, "We are thrilled to re-release his masterwork Do the Right Thing with this extraordinary new restoration.”

On Spike Lee's Instagram page, he said, SAVE THE DATE, Sunday, June 30th We Will Celebrate the 30th Anniversary Of Do The Right Thing With A FREE Black Party On The Very Same Block The Film Was Shot in Bed-Stuy Do Or Die. Sunday, June 30th From 12 Noon To 7PM At Do The Right Thing Way Between Lexington Avenue and Quincy Street, In Da Peoples Republic of Brooklyn."

Image Source: @officialspikelee on Instagram

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