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Earlier this month, Ashley Williams received her Master's and Law degrees on the same weekend. May 18th, Williams received her Master's from Georgre Washington University (GWU) in Political Management. On the 20th, she received her Law degree from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

While working as a Special Advisor and Special Projects Director to the US Ambassador for Global Women's Issues at the State Department in 2015, Ashley began her Master's at GWU.

Ashley said of attending GWU, “I was really interested in beginning a program that would allow me to build upon my undergraduate degree, love for politics, and allow me to continue working. I knew I needed to grow. The Political Management degree at GW was perfect.“ It was an online program, but Ashley wanted more. Soon after starting the program, she applied to law school, which had always been a dream of hers since high school. Both of her parents are lawyers and she wanted to be just like them, so the first fall semester of the program, she applied to law school.

She said the law school process was hard, stating that, “I faced rejections from schools during two separate admissions cycles; once while I was working at the White House and once while I was at the State Department, but I was determined to go.” Finally in January of 2016, she finally received her long awaited and anticipated acceptance letter from UPenn. After receiving the acceptance, she enrolled, but put the Master's program on hold to put all of her effort into the law program.

In the summer following my her year of law school, Ashley picked back up her Political Management degree program. She was taking law school classes and her Master's classes at the same time. She finished the Master's degree in December 2018, while she was studying abroad in Tokyo. 5 months later, she completed the remainder of her JD classes.

Williams said, “A lot of people wondered why I continued with my Master’s after starting law school, but both stimulated my mind in different ways. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to do both, but it did require sacrifice and discipline.” She hopes what she has done motivates others, saying, “No matter what, never give up and never feel like you aren’t enough. I hope my story inspires others to keep striving and remember that all of our possibilities are endless.”

Image Source: BOTWC on Twitter

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