Future to Give Away Scholarships at Each Stop of Tour

The Atlanta based rapper Future is doing some good for the future leaders of this nation. Through his FreeWishes Foundation, he will be giving away scholarships in the amount of $2,000 at each stop of his current tour with Meek Mill, Legendary Nights. Future is aiming to support those students who intend to further their education at the collegiate level.

Future visited his high school in Atlanta last week, Columbia High School to surprise them with an unscheduled performance during the visit. He and another artist on his label showed up to give a performance as well as to bless the school with a $10,000 check and custom designed apparel for the students of the school. His generosity will continue to spread as the tour goes on.

Prospective college students from across the nation can enter to receive a college scholarship. If selected, the students will receive 2 tickets to the show in addition to the $2,000 in the scholarship award. In total, there will be 17 scholarships given out during the tour. Recipients will also be handed Future's exclusive “I Am A Dreamer” sweatshirt.

Interested students must follow FreeWishes’ social media account @freewishesfoundation as well as submit a 500- word essay explaining “How Receiving This Scholarship Would Be A Dream Come True” to info@freewishes.org by 12 noon of each tour date.

Image Source: Getty Images - Prince Williams

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