Gabrielle Union Gets Black Girl Magic

We can never get enough of Black Girl Magic or Gabrielle Union. Now, we don't have to separate the two, we can have our cake and eat it too!

Union is set to be an executive producer for a show on NBC titled, Black Girl Magic. The show will be a comedy series about 3 sisters that were not close, but upon finding out a family secret, the siblings come together because of the information they find out. The sisters meet in New Orleans and become closer with their time together.

Comedy Central's Southside's Emebeit Beyene, Crystal Boyd, and Chandra Russell, will star as the 3 sisters in the series. They also worked together on Downtown Girls in 2013. Beyenne said on Instagram, “This is what dedication looks like. I worked hard for this, man. Cried all year off taking so many L’s. Grateful to my team for believing in me, @gabunion for advocating day in and day out, and most importantly, to those two ride or dies pictured next to me. Let’s do this."

Russell echoed her and said, “There was more than one way to have a hot girl summer. Some of us drove the boat while others quietly closed deals. Shout out to the girls next to me who did both. And shout out to me who did it and tired. God is good.”

Big ups to Gab for grinding in front of the screen and behind the scenes to show us all real Black Girl Magic.

Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

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