Gang Member to Millionaire CPA

In the past, Jeff Badu was walking around the streets of Chicago as a gang member. Today, he is running a multi-million dollar accounting business.

At 8 years old, Badu moved from West Africa to America. Upon moving, he joined a gang for protection, but in return he saw a bunch of negative things. He said, "Between eight to 16, those were the toughest times of my life because I was surrounded by so much negativity. I was literally trapped, I couldn't walk certain places."

He decided to turn his life around after returning to Ghana and speaking with his aunt. She told his parents worked extremely hard, going through a lottery system, for him to mess it up. These words stuck with Jeff, forcing him to become a more dedicated student, graduating from Uplift High School. He also began to take his religion more seriously as well. Badu went on to the University of Illinois and received both a bachelors and a masters in accounting. He then went on to earn his CPA licensure.

Badu created his own accounting company, servicing over 1,500 clients from 6 different countries, including America. At 25 is when he hit his first million dollars. He got here by becoming the owner of real estate investment groups and car rental companies. He also hosts his very own radio show entitled, Money Talks, which airs on 98.3 WGHC FM in Chicago every Monday from 7pm - 8pm.

His goal is to use his notoriety to help people in Chicago who are not financially free to get to a place of security. He wants to offer the same resources to those less fortunate that those receive who are a part of wealthier communities. Even a quick glance at his LinkedIn profile says, "Wealth Multiplier | I help people find money they never knew existed."

To find out more about Badu and his work, please click the link to his very own website.

Image Source: WCIU

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