Gucci Mane Has a New Collaboration with None Other Than..... Gucci

One of the God Father's of Trap Music is now making his name known in fashion. Gucci Mane, has been wearing the brand, Gucci for year years now, which is how he chose he stage name. However, we are now getting the obvious, a collaboration between the artist and the art.

Gucci Mane has teamed up with the Gucci's Cruise Collection. The line is scheduled to drop on October 17th, Gucci Mane's birthday and the day he will be releasing his 15th studio album, Woptober 2.

Just recently, the rapper was seated in the front row of Gucci's Spring/Summer 2020 in Milan Italy. About two weeks ago, he was spotted in Milan again, walking the streets, both which could have been signs that this collab was forthcoming.

Image Source: The Source

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