Hennessy and HBCUs

2 weeks ago, Hennessy Announced they were donating $10 million to create the first "corporate HBCU graduate program". The money was donated to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), an organization that helps students of public HBCUs students to achieve academic excellence, receive scholarships, internships, and corporate exposure through workshops and conferences. The donation will go towards assisting students in MBA programs at these public HBCUs to break in corporate, social, and economic systems. The donation is to curate a diverse pipeline of young African-American leaders over the next 10 years to flood the corporate infrastructure

with young leaders.

This program is going to be extremely competitive. Only 10 students will be selected. For each academic year, those selected will receive a $20,000 scholarship, $10,000 annual stipend, a chance to enter a competition for a $10,000 grant that will benefit the community, and complete access to information that will further their careers through executive coaching, networking and professional development.

When speaking on the donation and partnership, Dr. Harry L. Williams, president and CEO of TMCF, said, "this is more than a financial gift. When such a tremendously successful global brand like Hennessy invests in a higher education non-profit like ours, it tells the world that HBCUs and PBIs have value and are worth investing in, and TMCF is the best steward to carry out such a monumental investment". Giles Woodyer, Hennessy US’ senior vice president, said the goal of the "Hennessy Fellows" initiative aims to establish “a pipeline of highly qualified talent over the next 10 years and help prepare these future leaders for success.”

Photo Source: @VibeMagazine on Twitter

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