It Was Actually Us!!!

To clear this up, it was ACTUALLY 2 Black Women who did the work to free the 17 inmates in prison from drug cases without parole. In 90 days, they fought for this to happen, with the financial help of Kim Kardashian. While she was present, she didn't actually do any legal work to free the inmates as the media is portraying.

Last week, Brittany K. Barnett, one of the attorneys that was fighting the cases posted a long message on Facebook. She posted, “The first and last time I will speak on it. Seriously, because the negativity from today is misdemeanor shit and we still have lives to save. MiAngel Cody and I have BEEN doing this work for FREE. Ask any of our dozens of clients who are now free living their best lives. Both of us left six figure salary jobs and wiped out our own savings accounts to fund our work. We attempted to get grants from these large foundations shelling out MILLIONS of dollars to other organizations but would not look our way because they so-called don’t fund “direct services”. Our hands were full picking locks to human cages, we didn’t have time to participate in glorified begging from the nonprofit industrial complex only to be turned down.”

Barnett, along with another Black woman lawyer MiAngel Cody, created the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, which had the goal of freeing the inmates. They explained that Kim backed them with financial support when other organizations denied them. For the cases, Barnett and Cody were basically laughed at by prosecutors, coming up against opposition for each case they presented. Now, due to their work, men who were going to die are now FREE.

The lawyers are extremely grateful for Kim's support and presence during the process. Barnett said, “We need Kim’s support and the support of anyone else who wants to join this fight. We love that she is using her platform to raise awareness. We ain’t trying to be famous, we trying to get our people free. Period.”

Image Source: @msbkb on Instagram

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