Jackson Five!!!

I bet before you opened this article, you thought this was somehow going to be related to Michael Jackson. Well, I hate to disappoint, but this article is dedicated to Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens' starting quarterback.

Last night, Lamar made his Monday Night Football Debut and he did not disappoint. Jackson led the Ravens to a HUGE win over the LA Rams, 45-6 in the LA Coliseum. Jackson and the Ravens scored on their opening drive for the 6th time this season on a pass to Marquise "Hollywood" Brown.

Jackson and the Ravens went on to score a touchdown on each of their next five possessions (four passing and one rushing), racing to a 42-6 lead. During this time, Jackson was an outstanding 7 for 7 on 3rd down conversions. MVP chants began to ring around the Coliseum; impressive for an away team's player to receive such praise.

Image Source: Newsweek

The only field goal score of the game came when Robert Griffin III (RG3) entered the game, but even he was able to drive the offense down the field against a highly respected defense.

Jackson finished the game with 5 passing touchdowns, 169 passing yards and added 95 yards rushing as well. With those stats, Lamar Jackson made history last night becoming he first player in NFL history to have 3,000+ passing yards and 1,500+ rushing yards in his first 2 seasons. Lamar also became the first quarterback in NFL history on Monday night to throw 5 touchdowns as well. This is an impressive feat for any quarterback, but an even better one for a QB that was considered a running back and was encouraged to try out as a wide receiver coming into the league.

Last night, Lamar also became 50th all-time on the quarterback rushing list. While this may not seem high, it's an amazing feat seeing as though Jackson has only played 18 games as an NFL quarterback and has 1,558 rushing yards. Last night, he passed the former New Orleans quarterback, Aaron Brooks.

Jackson spoke after the game saying, "I'm not worried about an MVP. If it comes that cool. We're clicking on all cylinders but we're trying to win a super bowl." This is admirable for a young player in the league who could let all of the personal success go to his head, but he is remaining team and goal oriented, focusing on a larger outcome.

Image Source: USA Today Sports Images

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