Jay-Z, Roc-Nation to Partner with the NFL

Roc Nation, the entertainment and business company founded by Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, has entering into a multiyear partnership with the NFL to improve the quality of the NFL's live game experiences and to strengthen the league's social justice efforts.

As part of the agreement, Roc Nation will advise the league on artists for major NFL performances such as the Super Bowl. A a large portion of the partnership will be to grow and enhance community through football and music, along with the NFL's Inspire Change initiative.

The Inspire Change initiative which kicked off earlier this year has a mission of affecting positive change in all communities throughout the country. The initiative came about work for roughly two years with players because they know there needs to be change, so they can use their platforms to do so. With the initiative, teams and the league office work with the Players Coalition and other NFL players to support programs and initiatives that reduce barriers to opportunity, focusing on education and economic advancement, police and community relations, and criminal justice reform.

"With its global reach, the National Football League has the platform and opportunity to inspire change across the country," Carter said. "Roc Nation has shown that entertainment and enacting change are not mutually exclusive ideas -- instead, we unify them. This partnership is an opportunity to strengthen the fabric of communities across America."

Roc Nation also will work with the NFL to create and distribute content across multiple music streaming services for a variety of initiatives.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, "Roc Nation is one of the most globally influential and impactful organizations in entertainment. The NFL and Roc Nation share a vision of inspiring meaningful social change across our country. We are thrilled to partner with Roc Nation and look forward to making a difference in our communities together."

The partnership is ironic because last year in a song on his album, The Carters, Jay-Z said, "I said no to the Super Bowl: You need me, I don't need you. Every night we in the end zone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too."Also, the rapper turned businessman was trying to get Travis Scott to turn down the Super Bowl halftime performance this past February in Atlanta. However, Carter said, "The NFL has a great big platform, and it has to be all-inclusive. They were willing to do some things, to make some changes, that we can do some good."

Meek Mill, an artist managed by Roc Nation and another who just partnered with the business on his own venture said on Twitter, "Roc Nation wins again". In deed they did, we can only hope for actual social change and reform will definitely stem from this partnership. This was just Jay-Z's foot in the door to assist the league that owns a day of the week (Sunday) in making sure this change happens. He did call Colin Kaepernick an "iconic figure", so this could be the start of something great. Again, we can only hope.

Image Source: Bleacher Report

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