Jay-Z Uses Influence to Push NFL to Commit $100 Million to Social Justice Reform

Earlier this week, Sean Carter (Jay-Z) spoke with Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL to get him to commit funds to social justice reform. The conversation went so well, that Goodell promised $10 million a year for the next ten years to the fight of injustice. Desiree Perez, the CEO of Roc Nation said of Goodell, “He has been so supportive of us and is critical to us making change at the NFL.”

When it was announced that Hov signed on with the NFL to produce Super Bowl acts among other things, he was greeted with praise and backlash. The backlash came when people thought he was slapping Kaepernick in the face by signing on with an organization that black-balled the former NFL quarterback for taking a stance against police brutality and social injustice by kneeling during the National Anthem before games.

However, there are those who held out some hope, knowing Jay-Z would use his seat at the table for good. While Carter is a billionaire, this seemed it was another opportunity for him to get a bag. Even though that may be true, he is influencing change that can potentially be revolutionary for an organization that has a need for acknowledging and fixing their shortcomings. He said to the New York Times, “As long as real people are being hurt and marginalized and losing family members, then yes, I can take a couple rounds of negative press.” Jay-Z doesn't mind being the bad guy, if people are being helped due to the work he and Roc Nation are doing behind closed doors.

To echo this, Juan Perez, the President of Roc Nation Sports added, “Somebody has to kick in the door and get shot first. We’re that company. We’re not afraid. We’ve been doing it our whole lives.”

Image Source: EURweb

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