Jerry Stackhouse is Hired as the 1st Black Head Coach at Vanderbilt for Men's Basketball

Jerry Stackhouse, the 18-year NBA veteran and Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach, was just hired as the first Black Men’s Basketball Coach at Vanderbilt University.

In a statement released on Vanderbilt's website, Stackhouse said, "I am extremely excited to join the Vanderbilt family and build on the incredible accomplishments of its athletics program and men's basketball program," 

Jerry Stackhouse signed a 6 year contract with the Vandy to help rebuild and retool the program, who finished at the bottom of the SEC this past season. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alum has never coached in college before, but brings an array of experience from coaching in the NBA as an assistant for the Memphis Grizzlies and his pedigree from being a player. Because of this, Stackhouse would not be asking the players to do something he hasn't already lived himself.

The university’s Athletics Director, Malcolm Turner said, "Jerry brings a unique mix of experience as a legendary player and successful coach, and I fully expect he’ll take the program to new heights". Hiring Stackhouse sets Vanderbilt a part as the only Power Five program (Big 10, ACC, SEC, Big 12, and the Pac 12) with a Black Athletic Director, Football Coach and Men’s Basketball Coach.

Image Source: CBSSports

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