JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Their Advancing Black Pathways Program Visits Howard University

On Monday, February 11, many top executives from the bank and a few guests popped up on campus for a surprise panel with Howard University students. Among those involved were Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, Cam Newton, his younger brother Caylin Newton. Maverick Carter, and Congresswoman Joyce Beatty from the 3rd Distrcit of Ohio. The panel was moderated by Mr. Sekou Kaalund, JPMorgan Chase Managing Director and Head of Advancing Black Pathways. The organization’s motto is “Investing in Black people, expanding opportunity for everyone”.

During the panel, many nuggets and stories were shared with the students. When it came to the topic of saving money, Joyce Beatty shared with the audience that her dad said, “divide things in thirds and then someday you’ll be in front of a stage telling people the story of how you saved money. Even in her college years, Congresswoman Beatty would send a third of her earnings to her dad for saving. She serves as the Chair of the Financial Services Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee. Being in this role, she said she is unimpressed with people just checking boxes on diversity. She said diversity is, “Partnerships, engagement, and making a change when you see it needs to be made”.

Maverick Carter, Lebron James’ Business Manager and childhood friend is a member of the Advancing Black Pathways Advisory Council. When asked why he chose to join the council, he said, “this movement is a big step for the company the size of JPMorgan to advance pathways and keep the word Black in there. It was intentional and I love it. There are people and companies that want to give you hope”. Carter also partners with Chase on Kneading Dough, a tv series on the Uninterrupted. This was appealing to Maverick because he believes, “there is always conversation and media coverage around athletes going broke”. He said that is “Lazy reporting”. Kneading dough has conversations to try and encourage athletes and enlighten them on what to do with their money and how others are amassing wealth.

Cam Newton spoke about how he pours knowledge into the kids in his 7v7 foundation. He and his brother Caylin continually spoke about giving back to their communities and how their strong foundation from their dad allowed them to be who they are today. Cam said, “we are not intellectually sound when it comes to taking care of money. As soon as we get a refund check we know where it’s going”. His job he feels is to enlighten the youth on what it means to be financially sound. He even told a story on how for Christmas, his 11 year old daughter asked for a debit card. That brought him joy, as he felt his teachings were not only radiating with his foundation kids, but also within his own home. Cam said his students went from asking about where he got his shoes from and how much they cost to asking him how to reach their dreams. Caylin and Cam said “dream seems to be a bad word now to kids. Who told them dreaming was bad or that you can’t dream”? Cam said, “I teach my kids to follow their dreams and then their success will follow”.

Photo Source: @dshauntv

Congresswoman Beatty and Maverick Carter Discussing Black Pathways. Taken by: @dshauntv

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