JuJu Goes to Prom

The Pittsburgh Steelers stand-out wide receiver attends prom in the Pittsburgh area with guy whose original date dumped him.

When after his date decided to end things with him, Anthony Molinaro decided to "shoot his shot" and invite JuJu Smith-Schuster to his senior prom. As with any teen these days, Anthony got JuJu's attention by sending him a direct message (DM) on twitter. DMs have become a staple in trying to get someone's attention in the 21st century when it comes to shooting your shot.

On Twitter Monday, JuJu said, “Got a DM from him a while back about needing someone to go with, decided why not, had a litty night at his school!"This act of kindness was received with praise on Twitter with many people supporting the move. One tweeter wrote, “Another reason why you are a role model to the younger generation, keep it up!”

Athletes seem to be embracing the social responsibility side of their role and getting engaged with their fans. For the prom, JuJu even wore a matching suit with Anthony, taking the traditional group proms with friends and said a video from the night will be coming soon and posted to YouTube.

Image Source: @TeamJuJu via Twitter

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