Kanye gets Creatives

Over the weekend, the rapper and fashion mogul started a grant for young people who are creatives. The goal of the grant is to financial help and mentorship to designers who are up and coming in the industry. Kanye understands the fashion industry and knows there is a need for more creatives, but the financial barrier to getting a foot in the door can be tough. With this program, he hopes to eliminate that for some rising creative geniuses.

Vogue reports that the program will provide budding designers in the fashion industry unrivaled access to the design studio. Kanye is the reason we have Virgil Abloh and the Fear of God creator Jerry Lorenzo. Heron Preston also credits his successes to being in Kanye's circle as well. Preston is also the CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year for 2019. We cannot wait to see what comes of this incubator program.

Image Source: Billboard

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