Keke Palmer is Now the Face of Olay

The talented Keke Palmer has just taken on her next. The 26 year old has just signed on to be the feature face of Olay Body skincare line, serving as their spokesperson. Palmer is no stranger to Olay, as she partnered with them last year during the brand's New York Fashion Week campaign, walking in her first runway show at the event.

On Instagram, Keke said, “I used to watch these kinds of commercials on television when I was a little girl and very rarely, if ever, did I see a girl in them that looked like me. I always thought there was a special kind of beauty, or hair texture or complexion that you had to have to be considered for an actual beauty ad. Not to be melodramatic or whatever, but REPRESENTATION MATTERS. It truly does!!” Her partnership will initially last one year. She went on to say, "Olay Body means so much to me because for a long time, women like me weren’t represented in the beauty industry, and representation is so important. We are beautiful, confident and fearless—all the things that Olay Body represents.”

This is another win in the category of "Representation Matters" especially because growing up, seeing a Black face as a spokesperson for a beauty brand was a rarity. So, do well, Keke, we are all rooting for you!

Image Source: Essence

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