Kinks, Curls, and the Crown!!!

This past Sunday, Kaliegh Garris won the Miss Teen USA crown for 2019, wearing her naturally curled afro. Garris, who is from Connecticut, a student at Joseph A. Foran High School is also enrolled at the Educational Center for the Arts as a theater major.

Those who wear their natural and curly hair without hesitation were ecstatic at the win of Kaliegh, especially because she so elegantly wore her hair without the care of what others, including the judges would think. Upon her win, many naturalistas took to her Instagram to congratulate the Queen.

This was the first time a contestant in the teen pageant wore natural hair AND won. This was not the first time we have seen naturally curled hair on the competition stage, but definitely is the first time we've seen the winner step forward to receive her crown on top of her curled crown. Deshauna Barber took her final walk as Miss USA in her natural hair and in 2017, Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett competed in her afro. There seems to be a rising trend of women rocking their natural hair confidently and us over at Watch My Black endorse the confidence.

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