Kobe Bryant Has Created His Own Tournament Series

Even though Kobe is retired, he cannot stay away from the game at all. The 5x NBA champion is launching an annual tournament series that runs from September to March. The series is called the Mamba Cup Tournament Series, named after his nickname, the Black Mamba.

Kobe has wanted to develop a tournament of his own for some years. Now, it has come to fruition. The tournament is a high-level league for ballers in grades 2-8. He wanted to capture the style of league play by having the series last 6 months, but kept the tournament style the youth have grown accustomed to over the years.

The first annual Mamba Cup began to showcase the first of 11 tournaments last weekend. Kobe will be in attendance for the closing of the series for the Championship Tournament that will take place the weekend of March 21–22. Currently, the tournaments will only take place at gyms throughout the Los Angeles area. There will be tournaments on weekends twice a month.

Kobe loves the kids, but loves the game even more, so supplying this league was a no brainer for him. This is an amazing way to get the youth involved in the game and get them in the mindset of league play. Hats off, Kobe!

Image Source: Slamonline

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