LeBron James' "I Promise" School is Killing Expectations After Only One Year of Operations

To start, the school celebrated its one-year anniversary on July 30th. The students returned to school from their summer break this past Monday, ready to take on the challenge of another school year. The school only had 240 students in the inaugural 3rd and 4th grade classes, but the NY Times reported the test scores of the students have seen a huge increase in both math and reading.

In math, the 3rd graders went from the 1% to the 18th percentile and 4th graders moved from the 2% to the 30th. For reading, both the 3rd and 4th graders initially scored at the very bottom, 1%. However after a year at the school, the 3rd graders saw a jump to the 9th percentile and the 4th graders saw a large jump to the 16th percentile.

Just think about this, these are IMPRESSIVE improvements from just a single year ago.

LeBron told the NY Times, "These kids are doing an unbelievable job, better than we all expected. When we first started, people knew I was opening a school for kids. Now people are going to really understand the lack of education they had before they came to our school. People are going to finally understand what goes on behind our doors." LeBron is extremely proud of what the school has been able to accomplish in its first year of operations.

Change like this happens when students have adequate resources and access to teachers, supplies, and technology that help level the playing field in comparison to white school in thriving neighborhoods. Aside from the resources needed to run a school, students are provided with uniforms, bikes, free meals, and access to a fitness instructor, pushing a healthier lifestyle for the students.

Keep up the great work students, teachers, staff, and LeBron!!!

Image Source: CloseUp360

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