LeBron Teams with Walmart to Feed Families

Two weeks ago, LeBron James made public that he is teaming up with Walmart to help feed hungry families. Along with the Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, LeBron said he is the spokesperson for Walmart's Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign, which uses the proceeds from certain Walmart goods and donates the money to Feeding America.

James said, "It's an honor and a privilege for me in my community and what I'm doing here to partner with such a heavy hitter in Walmart. One out of eight Americans struggle with hunger. And I think one is too many."

It has been reported that the Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign raised about $74 million in donations for Feeding America since 2014. As a part of the partnership with LeBron, Walmart will keep a pantry of food stocked and will provide other supplies at James's I Promise School in Akron, Ohio that he opened last year.

McMillion said, "What we hope to accomplish together with LeBron is to magnify each other's efforts. We would love to help this model that he's creating lead to a situation where it could help even more people."

Image Source: Diversity Inc.

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