Lena Waithe and AT&T Mentor Filmmakers

Last month, AT&T Hello Lab Filmmaker Mentorship Program and Lena Waithe announced a partnership to for her to serve as the lead mentor for up and coming filmmakers. Today, we are happy to announce that the winners have been selected. Interested filmmakers had until May 20th to submit their film scripts for review.

The goal of AT&T's Hello Lab mentorship program is to bring diverse voices to the screen. 2019 is the 3rd year of the program as well as the third year Fullscreen has been the lead partner on the program. Past mentors of the program have been Octavia Spencer and Common.

The mentorship program gives 5 film writers to have their short film financed and produced by the AT&T Hello Lab. Lena Waithe selected the 5 directors of the films herself, since she will be their mentor. Each of the writers and directors selected come from underrepresented communities, such as people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other groups with a history of low representation. "Growing Pains" is the there for this years films. Lena Waithe also has a plan to use music in the program by again, including using music from underrepresented and unsigned musical artists so their art can receive some commercial exposure during the films and at events held by AT&T.

The program will be exhaustive, with Waithe and other program partners assisting the budding talent with "identifying talent to working alongside and advising during production as they create and launch their signature short films." Program participants will also be able to rely on a group of industry advisors, agents, casting directors and studio and production company executives, receiving counseling for different portions of filmmaking, such as pitching, budgeting, and directing to name a few. how to pitch, manage budgets, direct and more.

Below is a list of the writers and directors of the short films, as reported by Shadow and Act. The bios can also be found at this link as well.

1/ 30 (rom-com) - Writer Malik Aziz, Director Vishnu Vallabhaneni.

Logline: On the first day of Ramadan, a young architect attempts to fast for the first time while also trying to win a major contract for his firm.

The Fat Friend (dramedy) Writer Jasmine Johnson, Director Jessica Mendez Siqueiros

Logline: A woke boarding school student questions her commitment to activism when she finds herself with no friends, countless enemies and facing some very serious accusations that threaten to get her expelled.

Postmarked (drama/magical realism) Writer Angela Carbone, Director Malakai 

Logline: After uncovering a trove of long-lost letters, a ten-year-old boy goes on an adventure to find the person who sent them.

Fragile.com (thriller) Writer Brittany Menjivar, Director Alison Hammersley

Logline: A teenage girl with acting dreams, an empty wallet, and a broken heart is approached by a charming man who promises her fame, fortune, and affection—if she agrees to livestream herself crying for his niche website, Fragile.com.

Spilt Milk (drama) Writer Mechi Parada-Lakatos, Director Cierra Glaude 

Logline: Single mom Ximena moves back in with her parents while struggling to care for her infant son. She reconnects with her ex-partner, Lena, who is now raising the child they conceived of together with the sperm donor they chose, and the old wound is reopened.

Image Source: AT&T Hello Lab

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