Lil Nas X Wrangled a Collab

Lil Nas X, the "Old Town Road" rapper just announced and released a limited-edition collection with Wrangler. This comes on the heels of his number 1 hit, Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus. The hit is seen as a "country-trap song", which has spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Top 100 chart and has held down the number 1 spot for 7 consecutive weeks.

The partnership is mostly due to the song being a country song as well as Lil Nas X name dropping the company in a line of the song. The company is referenced when he raps, "My life is a movie, Bull ridin' and boobies. Cowboy hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my booty."

Lil Nas X and the American apparel company decided to finally make the collab public on Monday. The release of the limited-edition collection has clothing articles priced from $39 to $149. The collection contains four graphic tees and several denim pieces such as a pair of cut off shorts and slim-fit jeans, both with "Wrangler" printed on the "booty" as as Lil Nas X says. There is also a denim shirt with buttons with the "Old Town Road" graphic printed largely on the front.

The announcement was in perfect time! Lil Nas X released the music video for his number 1 song on Friday, which included celebrity cameos from Billy Ray Cyrus, Chris Rock Diplo, and Vince Staples. The video has 58 Million views in just 5 days, adding to the notoriety of the song and helping with the drop of the collab.

In addition to collaboration, those who purchased items from the collab have the opportunity to access behind the scenes footage of the music video on the site, but not with crowd participation. To be able to see and access the video, fans have to visit the website and take a picture of the back pocket of a pair of Wrangler jeans. 

Image Source: Wrangler

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