Mahershala Ali to Play Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Comic Con is currently being held in San Diego, set to wrap up today. However, that does not mean we cannot report on some outstanding news. One organization people look forward to hearing from annually is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and whatever Kevin Feige says is coming next. Marvel rolled out their plan for the next 3 years.

Over the weekend, the MCU announced their fourth phase with a slew of movies and tv shows. Many of which we knew were on the horizon and some we were made aware of on Saturday. Movies such as Thor, Dr. Strange 2, and Black Widow were announced. Also, Marvel has a few tv shows that will be available on Disney Plus, such as WandaVision and Loki.

As the announcement wrapped up, Kevin Feige told the audience that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was coming and of course, the favorite of 2018, Black Panther is coming for a second installment as well. Also announced, an X-Men movie and a Fantastic Four film will be coming in the near future. However, these were not the biggest announcement.

Before leaving the stage, all of the characters in the MCU who were present were joined by two-time academy award winner (Moonlight and Green Book), Mahershala Ali. Before the entire MCU left, Ali pulled a hat from his pocket and placed it on his head. The hat read, BLADE. Following the hat being placed on his head, the screen teased the film, by showing the word BLADE in all caps. So yes, the late 90's favorite that originally starred Wesley Snipes will now be played by Ali. This news was met with a positive reception at the convention, with the crowd erupting in screams and standing ovations. Twitter loved the announcement, with one user saying that MCU now stands for "Mahershala Cinematic Universe."

Kevin Feige said on Twitter, "Ali called the studio after winning the Oscar for his work Green Book. When Mahershala calls, you answer. Ali came right out and said that he wanted to do #Blade. That was that.”

We cannot wait until this is released in theaters!

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar Arabia

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