Master, Tiger!!!

Tiger Woods won the Masters. Many of us have casted Tiger aside as even a worthy competitor, so for him to capture a win on Sunday was a shock to most of us. Tiger winning made the sport of Golf relevant to Black people again. We celebrated his victory

, even though we casted doubts on him for years.

He birdied on holes 15 and 16, which gave him enough cushion to win at a count of 13-under, earning his 15th major championship. Now he is only 3 major titles behind the leader with 18, Jack Nicklaus. Tiger fought through adversity on and off the golf course to claim the title. Woods had been in a slump since 2008, suffering multiple injuries and dealing with personal problems. Through it all, he silenced us all and captured another title, giving us flashes of the golfer we all came to love.

We hope Tiger continues his return to glory and hopefully catches Nicklaus in the next few major contests.

Image Source: USA Today

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