Megan Thee Stallion

For the month of July, the Power Person of the month is the amazing artist and leader of the Hot Girls, Megan Thee Stallion. Because so much is happening for her this month, we couldn't wait until the last day of July to post this, so we are doing it now!

Megan gained traction in the rap game for her provocative lyrics and seductive dance moves to go along with her lyrics. When she isn't rapping, Meg is in school at Texas Southern University. The Houston, TX native has risen to rap prominence in a short period of time, something that a lot of women rappers do not see so quickly. However, she has managed to do so as well as have a great flow that makes men and women alike bob their heads to her music.

In July alone, Megan the Stallion has showed the world just why she's thee HOT GIRL for summer 2019. She announced her relationship with rapper Moneybagg Yo, taking the Hot Girl society by surprise. She performed internationally in Paris and London, something that takes many rappers years to achieve, even after getting famous. On July 14, she teased a movie with the same name of her mixtape, FEVER, which will be directed by Hype Williams. The film will draw inspiration from the movie Kill Bill. He has also worked with Nicki Minaj, so we know the type of work he does with woman rappers. She performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 8th. She has had a great summer and looks like she has no plans of stopping her current hot streak.

The popular Hot Girl Summer phrase has been files for a trademark. On July 10th, Megan officially filed the paperwork to own the rights to the phrase. Many people are saying it and companies are using it in their marketing. Forever 21 and Maybelline are two large brands who have used the phrase to attract more consumers. On the same day she filed the paperwork, she tweeted, “taking this hot girl shit global.” This was surely a hint at filing the paperwork to get compensated for the phrase she coined for summer 2019.

Even Wendy's has gotten in on the fun, announcing their popular lemonade as the official drink of Hot Girl Summer. On July 6th, it was announced that FEVER was the most streamed album by a female artist on Apple Music in the United States according to Chart Data. She also had a song appear in the Billboard top 100 on July 1st, to kick off a great month of wins for her. She also shared on Instagram that one of her songs will be on an episode of the hit Netflix Show, Dear White People season 3.

She tweeted, "Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth,, being the life of the party, etc."

Yesterday, she released her XXL freestyle during the cypher for being selected to the freshmen list for 2019. And without question, her freestyle was the best between the men and women.

July has been very HOT for Meg, and because of her accomplishments alone, the Hot Girls take a commanding lead this summer!

Image Source: Standard.CO.UK

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