Michael Jordan and Tequila

As if having a storied basketball career, running Jordan brand, being a brand ambassador for Hanes, and owning the Charlotte Hornets wasn't enough for the Hall of Famer, Jordan is now in the alcohol business along with 4 of his NBA owner buddies.

Cincoro, the given name of the new tequila has come to life after the owners first met in 2016. Jordan, Wes Edens (Bucks), Jeanie Buss (Lakers), Emilia Fazzalari and Wyc Grousbeck (both from the Celtics) are all partners in this new venture. The meeting was a dinner where they all spoke about their adoration for tequila. From this dinner, Cincoro was born.

Image Source: Black Enterprise

In a press statement, Fazzalari, the CEO and founding partner of Cinco Spirits said, “We set out to create a sipping tequila that is ultra-smooth, naturally rich, complex and delicious; a tequila with exceptional taste. Through hard work, determination and collaboration with our amazing group of founders and extended team, we have brought to life Cincoro Tequila. We believe each of our four Cincoro expressions provides a unique tequila experience that can transcend the category. We cannot wait to share Cincoro with the world."

Jordan solicited some help from an old-time business partner in Mark Smith to help design the bottle. Smith is Nike’s Vice President of Innovation Special Projects. The bottle has 5 sides that are shaped like an agave leaf and the base of the bottle tilts upwards at a 23 degree to honor Jordan's jersey number.

Cincoro means “five gold” in Spanish (“cinco” meaning five, “oro” meaning gold), which is a tribute to the brands' 5 owners and their quest to create a new golden standard among tequila brands. Cincoro has 4 different types of tequila, blanco, a reposado which is aged 8 to 10 months, an añejo aged for 24 to 28 months, and another añejo, aged up to 44 months. Cincoro release in 11 states and one city, Washington, D.C. late in September. Cincoro will be available in all markets in the beginning of 2020.

Image Source: Esquire

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