Michael Jordan Assists

Known as a prolific scorer and an excellent defender, Mike never really gets credit for his assists. Fresh off of episodes 5 & 6 of The Last Dance documentary, we have some news that will continue to cement Jordan as the GOAT in our eyes. While the docuseries is giving us a blast from the past, what will happen as a result of airing the footage will be sure to tug on heart strings.

MJ has agreed to donated all of his proceeds from The Last Dance to charity. While the type of charity was unnamed, we can only imagine it will mostly be charities that can help with the affects of COVID-19. Jordan is supposed to receive at least $4 million from the series, so that is a significant amount of money that will be going to help a great cause.

The series airs every Sunday from 9 pm - 11 pm on ESPN and will continue until Sunday, May 18th. Thanks Mike for all you do for the community. It's greatly appreciated.

Image Source: ESPN

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