Michelle Obama is Now on Spotify

About two weeks ago, it was announced that our forever first lady, Michelle Obama was coming to Spotify with a new podcast series entitled, The Michelle Obama Podcast. Well, we are happy to say that the podcast is finally here!

Today, July 29, Michelle and Spotify release the series to the world. Her first guest, of course, it is her lover, her baby daddy, and the first Black president of America, Barack Obama. On the episode, the lovely couple discussed social justice advocacy after the killing of George Floyd's, why it's important for the younger generation to be politically engaged, and family. They also spoke about their relationship with the community and how they use their elite educations from Harvard and Yale to empower their community.

Of the podcast, Michelle Obama said on Instagram, “You’ll also hear from many of my girlfriends, the women who’ve always been there with a shoulder to lean on, a perspective to think about, or simply an open line to vent to. In this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to invest in the relationships that make us who we are.”

Sorry guys, no sneak peek will be given, let's continue to support Black Businesses and give the podcast a full listen. Head on over to Spotify to check out the Forever FLOTUS' podcast. And you do not need a subscription to listen, check it out for free!

Image Source: Today Show

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