Michigan Mom and Son Receive Degrees Together

Sharonda Wilson, mother of Stephan Wilson was so ecstatic to celebrate her son's graduation from Central Michigan University that she did not attend her own graduation, which was on the same day from Ferris State University. She was ok with this decision because of the love she had for her son. However, Central Michigan and Ferris State had another plan in mind.

Days before the graduation, Sharonda posted about the debacle on Facebook, capturing the attention of a student that works in the president's office at Central Michigan. This past Saturday, the day of graduation, the president, Bob Davies was made aware of the issue and reached out to the president of Ferris State to ask whether or not Central Michigan could confer her degree. At the ceremony, both Stephan and Sharonda walked across the stage.

Stephan said of the day, "I had been looking forward to walking across that stage and accepting my degree for a long, long time. Earning my degree was such a huge milestone in my life, and having my mom with me to celebrate that moment was an unbelievable blessing. I am so proud of us both." Sharonda Wilson received her degree in business administration, and Stephan earned his degree in music theatre.

Davies said, both "Wilsons deserved to be recognized on their special day. Sharonda and Stephan both put in the long hours and hard work, and they deserved the chance to celebrate together as a family".

Image Source: CNN.com

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