Mr. West, Welcome to the Good Life!!!

As the song goes from Kanye West's hit 2007 single, Good Life, "I go for mine, I got to shine", West now has even more reason to throw his hands in the sky. Over the weekend, it was announced that Kanye West has hit billionaire status. He is the latest rapper to do so, matching the accomplishment his estranged big brother, Jay-Z achieved last year.

We all know Kanye as a bankable hip-hop star as a rapper, writer, and super producer. While his musical genius most certainly adds to his billionaire status, most of his net worth is tied to his 100% stake in his Yeezy brand. Ye is a fashion icon and has been letting us know for years that rap was just a box for him. He said he had been drawing concepts for Jordan's since he was in 4th grade. He took those same concepts an applied them to the Yeezy's that continually are selling out upon their release.

7 years ago, West did an interview with The Breakfast Club and said, "You gonna see I'm better than Ralph Lauren, I'm gonna be bigger than H&M, bigger than Louis Vuitton." Those who looked at him like he's crazy then are the same people who are now viewing Ye as a visionary.

Forbes reported, Ye's net worth at $1.3 billion. He texted an employee of the publication and said, "It’s not a billion. It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count." His Adidas Yeezy line has a revenue worth around $1.3 billion and his G.O.O.D. record label is at least $90 million.

Congrats Ye, you prove to us everyday that those who look at you crazy are actually just nonbelievers.

Image Source: Footwear News

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