NBA Star Andrew Wiggins is Donating $22 for Every Point He Scores

The former NBA 2014 first overall draft pick is serving the community while on the court for a second season in a row. Andrew Wigging is gifting $22 to charity for every point he scores this season.

Wiggins made the announcement via his Twitter account. He said, "I’m proud to announce for the second year straight i’ll be donating $22 for every point I score towards supporting underprivileged children who face barriers in participating in organized sports. The goal is and will always be to help kids be kids and play sports!" The 22 comes from his jersey number.

During the 2018-2019 NBA season, the Timberwolves star scored 1,321 points, which amounted to approximately $30,000 to be given to the kids he wants to help. Last year, Wiggins averaged just over 18 points and while playing in 73 games. We are looking forward to him scoring more points, since it is definitely going to a good cause. We wouldn't mind him ball-hogging this year to give kids an opportunity to play sports, giving them a fair chance to get to where he is in life.

Image Source: Sportsnet

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