Netflix Show Assembled All Black Writers Room for Family Reunion

Today, July 10th, Netflix is premiering the show, Family Reunion, a sitcom featuring a Black family in Atlanta. Stars of the show include Loretta Devine, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, and Richard Roundtree. Meg DeLoatch created and runs the show, who also has written and produced for shows such as Family Matters, Here We Go Again, and Raven’s Home. DeLoatch created the after going to a family reunion a few years back saying, “My goal was to do something that everybody in a family would be able to enjoy and feel like was for them."

However, what make this show different, is an all-Black writers room. She said it happened almost accidentally. A Netflix executive said this would be an all-Black writers room, which is not a norm for any show that's ever been created. The show will be more authentic as it will be us telling our stories.

DeLoatch compared this experience to writing for Family Matters saying that while there was an all Black cast, the show was not Black. She said it didn't necessarily have a Black point of view of feel.

For the characters and who they are portraying, Richard Roundtree will play the grandfather, who is also the minister of a small Baptist church. Moses McKellen was raised in church, became a football player, but strayed from the way he was raised as a child. Tia plays Cocoa, is a free spirited person who was raised in Los Angeles. She is very spiritual but she’s someone who will take from several religions, not just Christianity.

We cannot wait to begin watching this show tonight. We are sure it'll be filled with laughs and relatable moments!

Image Source: On Camera Audience

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