Nipsey x Puma

Puma is set to release their Nipsey Hussle collaboration posthumously. Normally, when artists pass away, their music is released, not a clothing line. Even in his death, Nip is a trendsetter. Adam Petrick, Puma's Brand and Marketing Global Director confirmed the news in New York City last week at The Wall Street Journal's Future of Everything Festival. He stated the company will continue with their release of products Nipsey Hussle was associated with.

He said, “We had a lot of things that were coming, and hopefully a lot of things we will still do with his estate. We’ll work with his family and we’ll support his kids…We’re going to continue to release some product that we’ve created with him. We’ve also got some charity activations that we’ll do to support what he was doing in Crenshaw, and trying to continue the work that he was doing through his foundation.” The company had been working with the late artists since the end of 2018 and wants the work they did to still be released to the world.

Before he passed, Nipsey posted a video on his Instagram page that he co-branded a clothing collection with Puma and The Marathon Clothing, his clothing brand, which would be available in stores this coming fall.

Towards the end of his remarks last week, Petrick said, “Nipsey was somebody that was doing great stuff, and he had this idea about how he could improve the community and how he could push for that. The concept of working with Nipsey just made sense.”

Image Source: @Puma on Instagram

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