Not Bad for a Running Back

Over the weekend, Lamar Jackson was named the NFL's 2019 most valuable player. Throughout the season, it was a tight race between Lamar and Russell Wilson, but after the two teams (Ravens and Seahawks) faced offed, it seemed that Lamar began to take over as the clear front-runner for the award and it remained that way for the rest of the season. Also on the night, Lamar received the Air Player of the Year award and was 3 votes away from winning Offensive Player of the Year as well.

Lamar most definitely deserved the award, leading the Baltimore Ravens to a 14-2 record, the best in the history of the franchise. While the team did not perform well in the divisional round of the playoffs, losing to the Tennessee Titans, the loss did not affect Jackson's chances at winning the award and in convincing fashion as well. Lamar became the second player who has won the award unanimously. The only other player to win the award was unanimously was Tom Brady in 2010. Jackson is the second youngest player (23) in the league to win the award; Jim brown won the award at 21 and 22.

After winning the award, Jackson was excited, but the emotion could barely be seen. He said, “I’m still young. I’ve got a lot of work to do. If you see me win a Super Bowl you’ll probably see a lot more emotion.” This has always been the goal for Lamar; saying on draft night the Ravens were going to get a super bowl out of him.

Even after winning the Super Bowl yesterday, Patrick Mahomes didn't say he was the face of the NFL, but instead, he pointed to Lamar winning the MVP award.

On the season, Lamar had 36 passing touchdowns, 3127 passing yards, 7 rushing touchdowns and 1206 rushing yards. He finished the season with a QBR of 113.3. He even had THREE games on the season where he had five PASSING touchdowns. Lamar was selected to his first Pro-Bowl this season AND was the starter for the game AND was the MVP of the Pro-Bowl. Again, not bad for a running back.

Keep proving everyone wrong, Lamar and bring a Super Bowl to Baltimore!

Image Source: LA Times

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